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Feel the culture and history of Tokamachi

Tokamachi have a history of about 1,300 years as a production center of the textile. This is equivalent to the Kyoto Nishijin.
Much cultural and natural heritage has been born in life in heavy snowfall.

“Tokamachi-Orimono” that has been created by secret techniques that has been inherited ceaselessly.
Would you like to feel the natural and cultural heritage, with the “Tokamachi-Orimono”?

In WAPON, we do guidance of the dressing kimono and the highlight of Tokamachi.



It is the first snow festival in Japan that began with the aim of ” Enjoy the life of Snow Country “.
Snow scene and the kimono is a nice.

Photo , kimono woman of which was wear by the kimono and obi of WAPON.
“Akagi Tsumugi” of the left of the woman of the kimono tie-dye. Stipe is Chinese zodiac.
Obi also “Somefukuro” by WAPON combined pale pastel pink feel the spring.
Akagi pongee stall is also ideal to go out of winter.

The right of women’s kimono “Nuishime-shibori”.
It has undergone “Shibori” all in one role of kimono. Plump texture are perfect for this season.
pastel blue shiny also shine brightly in the snow scene.

Some products can be found at WAPON over-the-counter.
In WAPON, we will help you enjoy going out of season in the kimono.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.



Other traditional events such as the “Jusan Mairi” and “Chigo Gyouretsu” , also done the following events.

  • “The Tokamachi Let’s Walk in the Kimono” ( lending and dressing of kimono )
  • Kimono Flea market
  • Tokamachi Kimono Queen photo session
  • Kimono Party
  • Kimono parade

On the day, held coming of age ceremony in Tokamachi , new adult our gorgeous kimono figure will swagger the city.



“human beings are naturally contained” the basic philosophy.

“Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial ” has been held every three years since 2000.
It is an international art festival of the world’s largest.

As an advanced case of regional development through art , it has attracted attention from home and abroad.